Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

the wings of love

Where dreams dwell

In the only real place where dreams live, a new story begins.
It is an original choice to find oneself, on the wedding day, on a hot air balloon up there, higher than the old horse chestnut tree, in the intimacy of a sky for two.

No specific location.

The scene is more than ever spouses and the attention is on the moment, to live intensely.

A scenographic choice

That air is a bit retro, the colors, the soft lines. A hot air balloon is of great visual effect, especially if sent to a wedding.

Imagine it anchored 20 meters above the ground, above the treetops, to represent the connection of the earth with the sky. Think of it illuminated at night, personalized in the decorations: what you want can become a really suggestive special effect.

Symbolic or civil ceremony

The ceremony in the air is generally symbolic, but it can also enrich the civil ceremony: before take-off the spouses must still sign the deeds in the municipality of departure.

The hot-air balloon will rise in the sky, bringing the couple to fly over the Tuscan countryside and renew their Yes between villages, woods and new views.

Back on the ground, the reception is at Palazzo Gatteschi, between its historic walls and the green garden.

Flight tests and tastings

In the days preceding the wedding it will be fun to do flight tests, followed by professionals who take care of the organization’s most technical aspects and help the couple become familiar with the vehicle.

The pleasure will not only be of the spouses: guests can also try a little taste of flight.

Wind in favor

Flying in a hot air balloon is a possibility that depends on the climate and the wind. It can be a beautiful day but the wind does not allow you to fly.

That’s why the balloon is part of the guests: it arrives a few days before the big event, creates atmosphere in the garden of Palazzo Gatteschi and allows the bride and groom and their guests to fly as soon as conditions are favorable. This is how the entire period of the marriage becomes decidedly unforgettable.


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