Wedding in the Wheat Field

tuscany wedding experience


High up, far away, amidst the fluffy clouds, in the only real place where dreams dwell, here begins your story.

It is an original choice to marry in a field of wheat, with a hot-air balloon that stands out, leaning towards the sky, higher than the old horse chestnut of the Villa, in the intimacy of the blue sky and the white clouds.

No precise place, the scene is more than ever concentrated on the bride and groom and the attention is on the moment to live intensely, there in the midst of the rustle of golden ears moved by the wind, among the unique colour, warm and harmonious of the wheat.

That air a bit retro, the colour, the soft lines.
A hot air balloon is of great scenic effect.

Imagine it anchored 20 meters above the ground, above the tops of the trees, to represent the connection between the earth and the sky.

Inside Palazzo Gatteschi there will be tables with white linen tablecloths, wicker mats, ears, vases and candles, to create an absolutely genuine and natural environment.

The colour white, yellow and orange will be the protagonists to be in harmony with the theme you choose.

tuscany wedding experience

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