Wedding in the Wood

Wedding in the wood

Wedding in the wood

in the wood

Your Fairy Tale

The sound of leaves under the steps, the sun’s rays filtering through the trees, the smell of undergrowth. Nature is the location, wood and light create the atmosphere you were looking for.

The wedding in the woods is full of meaning: branches and roots are the symbol of stability and growth.


Just a little, when the walls of the “room” are trunks and fronds, the floor is a lawn of grass and leaves, the cool is given by the natural shadow.

The colors are those of nature and the current season.

Reception en plein air

Making a reception in the woods may seem simple, but without the support of professionals to adapt the needs of a refreshment to a natural context.

This means respecting the nature of the forest by choosing settings that are compatible with the landscape, identifying the flattest point and making it easily accessible to the spouses and guests, evaluating the use of tensile structures or options in case of bad weather (such as the interior spaces of Palazzo Gatteschi ). The keyword is to enhance, or emphasize the entire natural context, starting from the choice of materials.

Moonlight fun

Among the elements to focus on there is certainly wood, but also calligraphic art, which can add a touch of style, compositions with leaves, a swing in the trees, the possibilities are endless.

Dance shows, live music, but also bizarre themes such as forest animals, gnomes, fairies and elves: the forest lends itself to many ideas to have fun and celebrate together.

Catering and imagination

The choice of catering is even more fundamental when it comes to a wedding feast in the woods.

From the preparation and management of the kitchen area to the appliance: everything must be coordinated and harmonious, without contrasts with the landscape but also leaving room for imagination.

Lights on nature

To illuminate a reception in the forest it is necessary to choose products and materials with zero environmental impact but, at the same time, capable of creating that magical atmosphere that connects us, like a thread, to the starry sky beyond the foliage.


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