Wedding in the Woods

tuscany wedding experience


Abandon reality to immerse yourself in the magical and silent woods for a “YES I DO” rich of spirituality and emotions…

Under the foliage of thick trees, in the heart of the green forest of Casentino, it will be possible to live a really unique scenery, between spiritual songs and sounds of nature that will surround you and your guests.

A group of luthiers will in fact be the protagonist together with nature itself to make everything even more magical and engaging.

Directly in contact with secular trees, wedding in the forest is full of meaning, branches and roots are in fact the symbol of stability and growth.

The noise of the leaves under the steps, the rays of the sun that filter through the trees, the scent of the undergrowth. Nature is the location, wood and light create the atmosphere you were looking for. Grass and leaves, trunks and foliage will be at the centre of the set-up, following the colour of nature. Each object and material is designed to be compatible with the landscape, to enhance the natural context.

Palazzo Gatteschi will set up for you a harmonious setting in every detail, to welcome you in the park of the Villa you will find long wooden tables, leaf runners, pine cones and leaves, candles and strings lights.

Songs and dances of bright butterflies will delight your party, creating a setting completely out of the ordinary.

tuscany wedding experience

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