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The fascination of Knowledge

There are many stories and legends about Palazzo Gatteschi handed down by the family, some of which were collected in the following lines.

The road, a symbol of prestige

The desire to pass, right in front of the house, what was once a simple path and then, with time, became a means of communication goes back to an ancestor. A road that was able to increase the prestige of the villa and to compensate for the sense of loneliness that the ancestor felt when it was far from village life.

Thus, a small village came to life thanks to that path.

That path, today as in the past, constitutes the main road of communication between Poppi and Pratovecchio and Stia, it has witnessed important events and personalities which can be found in various historical documents.

A buggy for conversation

Next to the main door there were stone benches.

On those benches the tris nonno Cristofano was often seated waiting for someone to pass, on horseback or with the buggy, to whom he ordered the alt to converse and offer something.

When the military arrived

In more recent times, the retreating German soldiers also passed through the Villa, to which the great-great-grandfather Cristofano wanted to express his disappointment, waving his tricolor flag with the Savoy coat of arms in the middle and singing a living King and Italy.

A soldier, irritated by the gesture, turned and fired a shot that fortunately went to scratch one of the leaves of the stone crest, still present today at the entrance.

The hidden treasure

Precisely during the war period, the great-grandmother assigned her own factor, Pillade, to hide the silver cutlery, some gold coins and some Family furnishings.

Everything was hidden and when he returned, Pillade’s words were “Lady don’t worry they will never find him”.

Unfortunately, a few days later, Pillade and his nephew, a partisan, were taken by the Germans and nothing was heard of them nor was it ever known where the precious objects had been hidden.

The solitary palm tree

At the end of the 1800s, exotic plants such as the palm were in vogue, especially in the employer gardens.

This solitary palm, right in front of Palazzo Gatteschi, is perhaps the only one in the whole of the Casentino and probably also the oldest.

The church of Porrena, the railway and the miracle of the Bishop

Inside the garden of Palazzo Gatteschi there was a small chapel where Sunday mass was held for the Gatteschi Family only.

Following the war, the Church of Porrena Alta was destroyed and for many years the private chapel of the Family became the only place to celebrate Mass for the town of Porrena.

To remedy this, the Family decided to donate land, a plot that was located at the end of the Villa’s forest, on which the new church was built, which is currently the church of Porrena.

At that moment, the only access to the church was passing in front of the villa and then skirting it on the side and crossing the railway tracks.

It so happened that on the day of the inauguration the car with the Bishop crossed the tracks just before the arrival of the train that went to hit the car. The Bishop emerged unscathed and shouted at the miracle.


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