Gatteschi Wedding House


As you imagine it,
it’s possible.

Flexible spaces, customizable stands.

To best realize your dreams, our wedding planner will coordinate a team of professionals who will be dedicated to the realization of your dream and project.

You will feel pampered and recommended in every detail, from the hairstyle, the choice of the dress, the setting of the table and all those details that will make it unique and special the day of your wedding, the frame that surrounds you between history and nature will do the rest.

Catering – Pizza party – BBQ

One of the things we are most attached to is the attention to the quality of our local products. We want our guests to be pampered and that they have the opportunity to taste many of the typical products of our land. All menus will be customizable together and we will be happy to host you for a tasting in Villa to meet our chefs.

Often for those who stay several days we’d like to organize small welcome or barbecue so you can also taste the baked goods and enjoy more informal dinners than the main reception.

The Cocktail Bar

The heart of the party from the moment of the aperitif until after dinner will definitely be the cocktail bar. Inside Palazzo Gatteschi it will be easy to recognize it, our architects have in fact installed it under the centuries-old horse chestnut tree, unique because it is handmade by our artisans who have carefully worked and treated iron, material with which it was built.

The lights that come down from the branches of the tree give it the perfect setting at sunset when the sun descends right behind it. Professional barman, drink list and “the cocktail of the bride and groom” will do the rest. We will be at your disposal to customize your open bar and guide you in choosing the most requested cocktails.

Entertainment & Music 

Each experience will have musical and scenographic entertainment closely linked to the setting you have chosen. Groups of luthiers in the woods, bright butterflies in the park, castle minstrels, everything will be built around the project carried out together with you.

Not to forget the party at the end of the dinner with a DJ set that will certainly not be missing, usually set up in our cellars stories ideal to be able to extend the party until the morning

Light Service & decorations

Every experience you choose inside Palazzo Gatteschi will be accompanied by a scenographic lighting, the central bar of the party will always be illuminated with cascades of bright wires, the park, the villa and each tree in turn will be enhanced to make it even more intimate and magical every outside of the Villa.

Wedding Cake

At the end of the dinner, but not least for importance here there is the wedding cake and the famous cake cutting by the couple. 

Customizable with decorations, number of tops and ingredients. Our staff will be happy to introduce you to our pastry chef who will gladly prepare small tasting of the cakes we’d like to propose you.

Flowers – Photobooth & Tableau 

Each experience, always following the theme you choose, will have the possibility to be in turn customized through the choice of flowers, colour shades and setup. Imagine the corner of the Villa that you like most, a colourful carpet, vintage armchairs, an antique trunk and here your set will be the perfect setting for souvenir photos of your guests, or a swing decorated with white flowers that swings among the trees of the park forest or even strings of light and candles that come down from the romantic wrought iron gazebo.

Be inspired by the many possibilities and ideas that our team will be happy to offer you.

Wedding dress – Make up and Hairstyle

 Thanks to the experience we will be happy to offer you the best suppliers for hairstyles, make up and dresses to make your style unique on the day of your reception.


Palazzo Gatteschi is the ideal setting to spend several days with your loved ones and friends in the heart of the Casentino both before and after the wedding.

The property can sleep up to 29 people, 6 bedrooms with bathroom inside the Villa and 3 independent apartments with kitchen space.

The restoration of the entire structure has been studied with carefully tended  and each rooms has been furnished with antique furniture, design and objects of recovery.


Our Tuscany is different

Once past the dense forests of Vallombrosa, past the panoramic roads of Consuma, the landscape opens onto the lesser known Tuscan countryside.

On one side you can see vast cultivated fields, on the other the entrance to Palazzo Gatteschi. Around, a vast territory when the story that crossed it.

The paths around Palazzo Gatteschi

With the support of an environmental guide, some historical paths have been identified that wind their way through the countryside and surrounding woods from the Villa, touch Dante’s places and retrace the steps of the Battle of Campaldino. Walkable on foot or by bicycle, these paths are a naturalistic and cultural experience, thanks to the stories of the guide.

The Castle of Poppi

Built in 1191 and renovated by Count Simone Guidi and his children Guido in 1274, it was the center of a historical event: the battle of Campaldino, on 11 June 1289, between Florentine and Ghibelline Guelphs, in which Dante Alighieri also participated. The victory of the Guelphs was an important event for the affirmation of the hegemony of Florence over Tuscany.

The stages in the places of Dante

Not everyone knows that the great poet also played an important role in the Casentino valleys. He lived in the Castelli dei Conti Guidi and fought in the ranks of the Guelphs, in the decisive battle of Campaldino.
From some historical documents it is assumed that the Guelph alignment was camped right in front of Villa Gatteschi.

in Tuscany

Your Wedding

Our team is able to create customized projects and work with every type of material.
Scenographers, architects, landscapers and fitters work together with blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, upholsterers and printers…


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Tuscany, Italy


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