Gatteschi Wedding House


palazzo gatteschi

Inside and Outside

Recovery and sustainability: a story that looks to the future.  

Each room of Palazzo Gatteschi is the result of a design choice that is attentive to the recovery of all the objects that historically belonged to it.

Years of material selection and reinterpretation of each furnishing element represent our strong sensitivity towards sustainability and the desire to follow a path aimed at progressively reducing the impact on the environment.


The main building of the villa dates back to the end of the 600s. From 1763 it became the property of the Gatteschi family, as evidenced by the stone emblem on the fireplace on the first floor.

The villa was used as a summer residence to manage the agricultural activities of the surrounding countryside and in the properties of the neighboring farms that extended from the plain of Campaldino to the Municipalities of Castel San Niccolò, Pratovecchio and Stia.

Looking out the windows of the first floor you could see the work in the fields and the daily life in the farmyard and in the houses of the peasants.


Via Falterona, 104
52014 Porrena di Poppi, Arezzo
Tuscany, Italy


Innovation and experimentation,
from the matter
to design