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… everything is shaped around ideas.

Whether it is the ceremonial preparations, furnishing elements or a symbolic object to be created starting from an abstract concept, whatever the need, Palazzo Gatteschi can realize it.

Wedding Experience

The Experiences

Wedding in the Woods

The sound of leaves under the steps, the sun’s rays filtering through the trees, the smell of undergrowth. Nature is the location, wood and light create the atmosphere you were looking for.

The wedding in the woods is full of meaning: branches and roots are the symbol of stability and growth.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding

In the only real place where dreams live, a new story begins. It is an original choice to get married in a balloon, up there, higher than the old horse chestnut tree, in the intimacy of a sky for two.

No specific location. The scene is just the spouses and the attention is on the moment, to live intensely.


Via Falterona, 104
52014 Porrena di Poppi, Arezzo
Tuscany, Italy


Innovation and experimentation,
from the matter
to design