Gatteschi wedding house

A Wedding Experience

in Tuscany

Experiences out of the ordinary,
for your wedding in Tuscany.

Intimate and collected,
with a touch of fantasy to make it memorable.

Imagine the morning air that filters through the windows, the slow and meticulous gestures to wear the dress that will change your life; the gaze rests on an ancient object, “who knows how many stories it would have to tell”.

You look out of the window, the settings are ready, anything but classic.
For weeks the artisans have made every detail; now everything is as you had imagined.

The guests have enjoyed the possibilities that this land offers, those who have walked among the paths and historical routes of the area, those who have visited nearby villages and castles.
Certainly no one got bored and now they are preparing to celebrate this special day.

One step at a time, a quick glance at the past and then, sure steps towards the future. It is the moment.

The history of the Palazzo welcomes you and takes you to your new life, your story, your future.


Via Falterona, 104
52014 Porrena di Poppi, Arezzo
Tuscany, Italy


Innovation and experimentation,
from the matter
to design